Outbound Single Burner Portable Camping Stove


The Outbound Portable Camping Stove is a single burner propane stove, perfect to take hunting, camping, or any other outdoor activity. It’s made from durable chrome-plated steel for long-lasting performance and the retractable heat resistant plastic base offers stability for easy stirring and cooking. It fits up to a 10” pot or pan and easily performs in both sub-freezing temperatures or high altitudes. This Outbound stove offers up to 10,000 BTUs and has a match lighting adjustable burner control for precise temperature and cooking versatility. It heats up quickly and efficiently with even heat distribution. The 3-piece design easily connects to most propane tanks and is perfect for backpacking. The carry case makes it easy for storing and convenient for travel.

Key Features

  • Single burner propane stove, ideal for campsite cooking
  • 1 burner with 10,000 BTU capacity
  • Match lighting for ignition
  • Excellent for simmering capabilities


  • Large burner space fits up to a 10″ pot or pan
  • Adjustable burner valve provides precise temperature control
  • Compact, portable and collapsible for easy storage
  • Tested for extreme durability in the Canadian outdoors


Specifications & Sizing

Burners: 1
Weight: 1.72 pounds
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 7.48 x 7.48 x 4.92 inches
Total Cooking Surface Area: 90.05 square inches

Technical Aspects

Material Details: Durable chrome plated steel with plastic base
Boil time: 5 minutes 10 seconds for 16.4 ounces propane cylinder
Burn time: 2 hours for 16.4 ounces propane cylinder
Total cooking power: 10,000 BTU
Fuel type: Propane
Tank Size: Connects to most propane tanks

Warranty & Repairs

100% Risk Free Warranty For 1 Full Year – Our products are guaranteed to last, however if you don’t absolutely love it, you are covered for 1 full year.


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